Deshedding Dog Brush Organic Bamboo


Deshedding Dog Brush Organic Bamboo 00107

These natural bamboo deshedding brushes are naturally fumigated with high pressure water without the use of pesticides. Gently brush in the direction of the hair growth to remove undercoat and reduce shedding. Remove hair from tool as needed. Can be used with our deodoriser or spray-on conditioner to further assist brushing. This tool works really well on all types of dog coats and especially for the really big shedders.

  • Recommended for medium to long haired and high shedding dogs and cats
  • Size: One Size (S-M)
  • Length of stainless steel head: 6.7cm
  • Made from sustainably sourced bamboo and stainless steel
  • Keep the stainless steel head dry between use
  • Vegan Friendly

Contains: sustainably sourced bamboo (naturally fumigated with high pressure boiling water - no pesticides used) and stainless steel.

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