Dogie Cooling Scarf


Dogie Cooling Scarf 00102

Dogie Cooling Scarf comes in blue only. Made from soft lightweight Polyester. This scarf is designed to keep your much loved pet cool in the summer weather and warm in winter. The fabric does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, glues, crystals or phase change materials. The fibers used are all safe and non-irritating fibers. This fabric is lighter, breathable, and comfortable to wear than ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.

  • Simply soak the scarf in cool water and then put it on your dog
  • Helps to cool dogs down in the hot summer weather
  • Lightweight design does not annoy your dog
  • Reusable over and over again
  • Machine washable
  • Must have for all types of outdoor/indoor activities.
  • Can be worn with a collar still on your dog.
AU$12 In stock
Size Small (12) Medium (15) Large (18)
Dogie Cooling Scarf Dogie Cooling Scarf