We are an innovated fun based company whose motto reads “Because life is meant to be fun”. The team here at Rockin Roos are set to revolutionise the retail market with our unique range of Australian created designs and products for the young and young at heart.

All of us here at R&R are proud Australians with a love of the Aussie culture, the towns, the bush, its characters and its wildlife. We are as Ridgee Didge as Bluey with a slouch hat and thongs at the footy eating a pie with Vegemite, that’s why our variety of Children’s Books and merchandise has a connection to good old Oz. Check out our products to see our fair Dinkum range.

If you’re looking for a personalised approach to developing your own ideas and projects we can work with you as we just love to create and have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction for your business or personal needs. Check out our consultancy page for more information.

Our merchandise is design protected so when you purchase a product from us you know it is the real deal. Each Rockin Roo kangaroo character is manufactured using bio degradable products as we care about the environment.

Unlike bobble head figurines which use a counter weight balance for head movement only, we use a specialised spring system which allows each character to rock around in a 360 degree motion and as each character has an adhesive base it allows them to attach to many surfaces such as the traditional dash doll figurines.

Our variety of innovative and novelty created figurines reflect elements from our vast Australian outback to our deep Blue Sea.

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Our company believes in supporting our Aussie communities and all creatures great and small by donating a percentage of our profits to a range of Australian Charities. So when you purchase a product from us you are also lending a helping hand to those in need. Contact Us

The team at Rockin Roo’s would like to share our journey with you by keeping you up to date with our whereabouts, latest news, newest products and any special offers we may have. Feel free to follow our blog and check in to our Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram page.

Welcome our Newest Stockist

We would like to welcome Capricorn Caravan Centre who is now stocking our Caravan Storm Awning Clips “Roo Paws” in their shop. If you are passing through Rockhampton and would love a set of our clips drop on it and see the great team who will look after you.

New Menu Bar

Hello Rockin Roo customers, friends and followers over the past few months you may have seen we have been updating our site to make it more user friendly to access our products along with expanding  our range through our DOG E STYLE Premium Pet Products and Accessory brands.

We are currently working on a couple of new innovative products which we hope to launch over the coming 6 months for the Caravan /Camping travelers and those with four paws.

Sooooo keep up to date by following our Facebook pages for the latest news or catch us on the road in the Rockin Roos mobile.