The Golden Circle

I was listening to a podcast this week by Simon Sienk on “Why”. Simply put “Why” we do what we do as a company that inspires action and he referred to the” Golden Circle” to demonstrate where some companies go wrong with their company message.  He worked with three words in his circle- Why, How and What.

Most Companies focus on the What with some knowing How but very few knowing Why.

Why  should be at the centre of all things and then progressed out to How, then What is it that you do? The why is why do we do, what we do?

This made the team here at R & R reflect on our WHY, as we believed the reason we started our journey with Rockin Roos is that we have a love of Australian culture and our way of life.

We knew Australia needed something different something new from the same old stuff.

We created an awesome range of Aussie products and books that would reflect our wonderful country and the culture we have grown up in and love.  From the why we had to develop the HOW, being we wanted our products to stand out from the rest with uniqueness, highest quality and would be meaningful to the people who would purchase our products whether for themselves, family or friends. It would touch on a part of their Australia that they could identify with. So it would be their Why

Then the WHAT came, “ROCKIN ROOS” first character dash dolls.

So WHY did we take the leap in times were companies are closing or downsizing? Because we believe in our product as we believe in Australian ideals and values.

We know that the Roos will become iconic.

We believe our product has a place in today’s retail market as consumers look for something unique, affordable, reflects the fun in life, has been created with Aussie pride and most of all reflects Australian culture, personalities and way of life.

So what’s your Why in business?

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